Herrenknecht AG located in Germany is a technology and market leader in mechanized tunnelling. As the only company worldwide, Herrenknecht delivers cutting-edge tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and with all diameters – ranging from 0.10 to 19 meters. The Herrenknecht product range includes tailor-made machines for traffi c and transport tunnels (Traffi c Tunnelling, Ø 4.2 meters) and supply and disposal tunnels (Utility Tunnelling Ø 4.2 meters). The company also provides state-of-the-art deep drilling rigs, to bore to a depth of 6,000 meters (Herrenknecht Vertical). The most recent subsidiary (Bohrtec Vertical) supplies small drilling devices for the use of near-surface geothermy.

Traffi c Tunnelling: the “giants” among tunnel boring machines.

By the middle of this century, the world’s population is expected to have reached nine billion and two thirds of these people will live in large conurbations. To keep people and goods on the move, the way ahead for new effi cient infrastructures leads underground. For example, Herrenknecht technology is involved in creating the world‘s longest railway tunnel (2x 57km) beneath the Gotthard mountain range in Switzerland; it is expected to be opened to rail traffi c at the end of 2016. In the huge Chinese city of Shanghai two tunnels are being excavated with the world’s largest diameter to date. The two cutterheads made in Schwanau measure 15.43 meters in diameter. They are crossing beneath the Yangtze River to connect to the Changxing River Island with two 7.47 kilometer, three-lane road tunnels.

Utility Tunnelling: small diameter, great performance.

As the world’s population grows the need for underground supply tunnels also increases, this is true for threshold and developing countries as much as for modern urban centers. This is why more than 600 Herrenknecht Utility Tunnelling Machines are in operation around the world constructing or laying water and wastewater systems, gas and oil pipelines, as well as conduits for electricity and communication lines. Trenchless tunnelling technology offers a range of advantages compared to conventional construction procedures: Micromachines, HDD Rigs and Shaft Sinking Units have no impact on traffic, business or the environment.

Herrenknecht international.

The Herrenknecht Group achieved sales of 646 million euros in the year 2006. Herrenknecht has more than 2,000 employees around the world and trains more than 130 young people. The Group includes 30 subsidiaries and 7 associated companies in related sectors in Germany and abroad. Herrenknecht is able to offer all customers the optimum solution for their project. Always and everywhere.